Latin America, the “jewel” for Android

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, CHILE РLatin America will become one of the main markets for Android in the coming years , thanks to the level of teledensity of smartphones that exist in the region, considered Hugo Barra, group product manager for Google mobile.

“No doubt 2012 will be the year of the smartphone for Latin America, with an adoption of smartphones that are very high in countries like Chile, Argentina, Brazil, among others,” said Barra, in a talk with journalists during Google Press 5.0 Summit in Santiago, Chile.

Penetration rates of cellular equipment in the region are high: for example, in Panama where it gets up to 150%, or 1.5 phones per inhabitant of this country.

“A growth we have seen is very strong in Brazil, where in the last 12 months, the Android phone activation increased 400%,” he said.

The manager did not reveal data on the use of Android in Mexico, although its two major manufacturers, Samsung and Motorola, are located in the third and fifth in market share of smartphones.

Barra also spoke about recent reports of Android vulnerabilities to hackers, known as ‘hackers’, but declined the issue by labeling it as ‘sensational’.

“To date, we have no case of a user who has had an attack in this issue,” he said.

Android competes in the smartphone industry with Apple’s IOS operating system and Windows Phone. At the end of 2011, the Google platform dominated this market with 50.9%, IOS was 23.8% and Microsoft’s software was just 1.9% .

The Google Press Summit is the annual presentation of the technology in LA on the Internet situation in the area, weaknesses and opportunities.


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